Persuasion rarely is about offering what people need. By having a deeper
understanding of people's hopes, desires, expectations and so forth, persuasion
makes it possible to offer what they truly want, what they dream about. In the
professional setting of the job interview persuasion is about solving the hiring
manager's business problems.

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I used Mastering the Job Interview in workshops with both our fulltime and parttime
MBA students … and they loved it! There were so many great learning points and the
students really connected to them. The vignettes prompted more discussion and some
students asked to borrow it. We will definitely use it again.

Jane E. Patterson,
Certified Professional Coach
University of Pittsburgh
Katz Graduate School of Business

Vlad: The DVD was very helpful. I used a tactic from it - suggesting to my new
employer that for a reasonable offer, I'd take the job. It worked! I got the job and
he gave me more money than I had been making.

Happy Holidays
Cliff C (Masssachusets)

I like what the DVD looks like. The good news is it has the same content as the online
video-course and you can get it on Amazon. I actually like the online video better, because I
can access it any time I want, without leaving my PC. You can get
The Online Video
by clicking here
and you can purchase the actual DVD from Amazon. Good luck!

Tanya Z (Kansas)

You Are
The Best For This Job
by Vlad Zachary
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Vlad Zachary: Mastering the Job Interview

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